Sports Activities

The Barking Muslims Association {BMA} The BMA is a charitable trust reg-istered with and overseen by the charities commission of England and Wales. The BMA administers the Al Madina mosque which is situated on the site at Victoria Road and encompasses three separate buildings on the complex Over the last 30 years the Mosque has worked hard to be-come a hub for the local communities and is today acknowledged as a Beacon mosque with services and standards of a level other voluntary sector organizations should aspire to.

At the mosque we deliver a wide range of positive community activities for children from deprived areas who are at risk of developing at a slow-er rate than others. Our most popular community activity is ‘Get Active through sport’, aimed at youth from all backgrounds and delivered over 52-weeks, five evenings per week to children aged six and above all the way up to young adults (25+). Activities include boxing, football, karate, tennis and yoga and are delivered by three dedicated volunteers.

We started to deliver ‘Get Active through sport’ as we realized that 24.2% of local children live in deprivation and 31.9% live in poverty. For children from these families, their ability to engage in positive community activities is negatively impacted by high associated cost of activities such as physical activity. Therefore, these children miss out on the key benefits associated with positive physical community activities, which has several negative effects;Not being able to participate in positive physical community activities with their friends makes our target group feel left out and isolated, which will negatively impact their confidence and happiness. This is made worse by our target group missing out on skills that accompany physical community activities such as, social and communicational skills. Without these skills, our target group are at a disadvantage academically as 10% of the children in Barking are developing below national average.
• Not being able to participate in positive physical community
activities result in our target group leading inactive lifestyles, resulting in sedentary behaviors, which has been linked to obesity. Obesity is a prevailing issue with 25.5% of children being classified as obese compared to the national average of 19.3%.

Therefore, we started ‘Get Active’ in 2000, as a much-needed interven-tion to help bring our local children from all diverse backgrounds and cul-ture together to build stronger relationships between them and increase community cohesion. At the time we spoke to 40 children and their par-ents through informal conversations, to find out what activities they would like to do, to create more local opportunities. Parents feedback suggest they wanted activities that were affordable to them. Children feedback suggested they wanted fun activities that they could partici-pate in with their friends. Since then, we have continued to annually gather feedback from those involved in ‘Get Active’ and other local peo-ple we interact with. This feedback helps us continuously develop ‘Get Active’, ensuring it is constantly evolving in response to the
needs and interests of current and potential participants. Our pro-gramme today engages with 450 youngsters every week.

We provide trained volunteers and paid professionals to lead sessions rewarding them for their commitment in the sessions and providing them with new skills which ensure sessions are of the highest quality.

As part of our youth engagement programme we have teamed with the
London Black Belt Tang Soo Do academy
Working in partnership with the martial arts academy we have produced a cadre of black belt students through operating an inclusive community engagement programme over the last 5 years. We have seen our young children grow from insecure young people into disciplined and confident human beings. Many hundreds of youngsters, Muslim, non-Muslim, black white or Asian, male and female have and continue to benefit from this programme

The session takes place on

  • Thursday – 7:30pm – 9:00pm
  • Saturday – 11:00am – 12:00pm

As our sports engagement programme developed we formed