Our Professional Counselling Service

Muslim communities tend to shy away from accessing support services which are designed to help alleviate and manage problems. Over a number of years at Al Madina Mosque we noticed the community suffering an ever rising tide of social ills. We saw a growing number of our youth engaged in drug related activities, rising alcoholism, increased violence amongst family members and a rise in taboo subjects such as sexual violence and assault.

For the most part, the community refused to access support services choosing instead to deal with matters internally. This led to an inevitable rise in anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and associated social problems. At Al Madina Mosque we decided the community needed to help itself.

Our professional counselling service, now in its 10th year deals with the whole myriad of social ills ranging from domestic violence and abuse, rape, forced marriage, substance abuse, incest, depression, alcoholism, gang related issues, radicalisation and anxiety to mention a few.

Client Testimonials

I was suicidal they saved my life.
Thank you.”

“When you are rock bottom you have no self-worth; this spiral sends you into depression with little sense of any hope. The counsellor made me realise that I have value, that I am worth something and that my life has meaning. Today I am a different person to who I was. The counsellor will never know what they really did for me. What they did is true Islam.”

“Without the support of the counselling team I stood to lose my health, my family and my livelihood. I feel now I have a second chance at life. They did not judge me, they just helped me.” 

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