Over the last 30 years Al Madina Mosque has worked hard to develop itself as a resource hub for the local communities and today is a recognised and acknowledged Mosque with services and standards of a level other voluntary sector organisations aspire to.

The essence of civic engagement is to encourage ordinary citizens to participate in the local community to not only help improve current conditions for the entire community but to also shape its future for the better. At the basic level, Al Madina Mosque functions in the same way as the majority of UK Mosques, providing a service for 5 daily prayers, congregational Friday prayers, marriage services, funeral services, and offering general Islamic advice, but this isn’t where it ends. We have gone above and beyond for our attendees and communities and offer multiple additional services and activities as a norm.

Al Madina Counselling

Dealing with human beings undergoing real crisis in their lives, helping them address issues, overcome challenges and lead healthier, happier lives.

Mothers & Toddlers

A place for parents/carers and their young children to spend time together in the company of others, socialising whilst preventing issues such as isolation.

Pensioners Luncheon

Giving the older members of our communities an opportunity to socialise, be part of a support network and have something to look forward to every week.