The Aghosh orphan care home in Lahore provides a loving family environment for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. The projects approach offers long term care for children in need and empowers young people wit the resources to reach their full potential, transforming the lives of thousands of children each year.

Through the Aghosh family, children as young as 5 years of age are raised by a foster carer who looks after the children as their own. Each Aghosh family consists of 8 children and a carer. The care home provides each child with their material needs (food, water, and shelter), development needs (school, medical care, vocational training and life skills.), and their emotional needs (the opportunity to be a part of a family again, to work through the grief of losing their parents in a secure loving environment.)

As part of our welfare support programme Al Madina regularly financially supports The Aghosh Project with the intention of communal benefit for mosque users.

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