Join us and learn to become a skilled archer

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was known to be very good with a bow and appreciated the benefits of archery. A recurved bow made of bamboo and ascribed to Muhammad ﷺ is held in the Chamber of Sacred Relics in the Top Kapi Palace Museum located in Istanbul, Turkey.

There are several comments by Muhammad ﷺ concerning archery documented in Hadith;

Umm Salama told of Muhammad ﷺ coming upon two groups practicing archery, and he praised them. Malik Ibn Anas spoke about when at the battle of Uhud, the troops left Muhammad ﷺ behind, where the archer, Abu Talhah, remained behind and protected the Prophet ﷺ with his shield. Uqbah Ibn Amir relates how Muhammad ﷺ said that archery shooting was more dear to him than riding.

Archery is a low impact, very safe sport suitable for all ages and abilities, our in-house qualified instructors are trained to a high standard and we use the latest equipment providing expert tuition in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.