Our welfare programmes are embedded locally within our communities but our reach and impact are felt Nationally and Internationally. Our myriad of welfare programmes continue to develop and within the last few years alone we have supported hundreds of children in Gambia with food and education, the poor in Tanzania with food parcels, purchased an ambulance in Pakistan for the Edhi foundation, have financed and overseen water projects in Pakistan, Indonesia and Tanzania as well as built homes for the homeless in Pakistan, India and Indonesia. We have worked to help restore the sight of over one hundred people through cataract eye operations and helped prevent many others from going blind. We have subsidized the education of theological scholars of the future and supported various orphanages and welfare projects around the world.

The mosques welfare strategy and vision has refined in the last few years and today we are focused upon front-line delivery at point of maximum impact. We work locally to address contemporary social issues affecting our communities and understand the emotional attachment our parents retain with their mother countries, therefore, we work across the world.
By engaging our communities directly in our projects, we provide a rare dimension of accountability and transparency and one which allows them to have a stake in outcomes and to be a part of the team which benefits those who need the support the most. We are humbled to be entrusted with this enormous responsibility and our challenge is to continue to deliver, so together we can play a small part in improving the lives of others less fortunate then us.

100 Families Project

Al Madina works throughout the year to help families who live below the poverty line to identify sustainable means of income and then supports them in implementing long term strategies which help take them out of the poverty cycle.

Water Projects

Throughout the year Al Madina supports communities in need of pure water and in recent years we have invested in water projects in rural areas of countries including Pakistan, Gambia, Tanzania & Indonesia.

Brufut Education Project

Al Madina has been working with the Brufut Education Project for nearly 10 years and we have a year long commitment to feeding 350 poor and orphaned children at a local village school in The Gambia.

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