The Ramadan Movement Community

Taking care of our souls.

Here is a space developed by a members within the community to learn, engage and contribute towards our community this Ramadan – in the efforts of realigning our hearts and minds with our Creator and in hope that through these means, we can find a sanctuary to share knowledge, encourage goodness and radiate light.

Ramadan is an opportunity for us to filter out unnecessary stimulus- recognise what is serving us from what is not – and focus on our own souls. We live in a very loud and overbearing world where it is very easy to get distracted and lose our sense of purpose. The Ramadan Movement Community (created in 2018) was created as an effort to help remedy just that.

Many people have shared their concerns about how they can improve their relationships with the Creator; how they can connect with verses of the Holy Qur’an and how to elevate their spiritual conversations with Allah swt. And so the Ramadan Movement Community was created as a collaborative means to address our higher spiritual needs. All in the name of optimising our mindsets in this Holy month as a means to extend this throughout our spiritual journeys.