Supplementary Education for age ranges 6-16.

As a mosque we will lead the way but we expect you to play your part.

You have access to your children for 8760 hours in any given year. At the Madrassah we have them in our care for 460 hours if they attend for 100% of the time. That equates to approximately 5.25% of the overall available time. The expectation that mosques alone should be responsible for the Islamic education of children is therefore incorrect. This responsibility lies primarily with parents. As a mosque we will lead the way but we expect you to play your part and in most cases a greater part then you do now.

We have a junior, intermediate and advanced syllabus and our emphasis is on the Holy Quran supplemented with duas, surahs and appropriate levels of fiqh and aqidah teachings. Essentials which we feel children need to know in order to grow as young Muslims.

How we support you as parents.

We have broken down the curriculum into a weekly format in order to make it easier for teachers to teach and for you as parents to supplement the teaching and know clearly at what stage your children should be at. You will be provided with a copy of the full curriculum and if your child is ill or unable to attend it will be your responsibility to ensure they catch up and come back on track. You will also be provided with the exam questions which your children will be tested upon at the end of term.

Why have we done this?

Whereas in mainstream schools children are tested to determine whether they can calculate formulae or retrieve knowledge of specific events, madrassah teaching is about ensuring our children know specific Islamic information (the fardh acts of Wudhu, the dua upon entering a mosque etc). So to this end, at this level there should be no hidden process of trying to anticipate what may come up in an exam because we all know clearly what our children should be learning and our results over the last 2 years show this is a winning formula.

We will provide a clear road map for your children’s learning and outline what they should know. This will help you in helping your children and together we can nurture their spiritual growth.

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