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Our independent and professionally trained mediators can help you resolve all types of disputes.


Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding and without prejudice process in which a specially trained third party intervenes in a dispute and attempts to bring the parties together in a settlement agreement. There are no strict procedural rules and the process is ”without prejudice” which means that any matters discussed cannot be used if the matter is subsequently litigated in a Court or Tribunal. However, if agreement is reached then the parties will be asked to draw up an agreement between themselves and this will become binding on the parties. The litigation process can be time consuming and costly and there is no guarantee that even a successful party will recover all of its costs. No party to a dispute really wants to take part in stressful litigation accept in certain circumstances. Mediation provides an alternative informal dispute resolution process. Mediation is a cost effective means of resolving disputes which can speed up the process – mediation sessions can often be set up very quickly and disputes can be resolved within a day. The parties have the opportunity to communicate their side of the story to the neutral mediator and communications between the parties are improved. The Mediator will assist the parties to focus on the real issues in the dispute and to consider the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Most importantly the parties will take control of the resolution of their dispute. Mediation is suitable for all types of disputes from a small value dispute through to high value commercial disputes.


Mediation is less expensive than going to court; however this is not the only reason why you should use mediation. Mediation offers you the opportunity to possibly have a ‘win-win’ situation where you agree terms that are acceptable to both parties rather than being given a judgement in court where you may win or lose. You can try mediation before going to a solicitor. if you decide to go down the legal route, your solicitor will probably discuss with you whether using mediation first could help. Mediation can still be used even if court proceedings have been commenced, in most cases the court will stop proceedings to allow parties to mediate.


Square Circle Mediation (SCM) is our in house service specialising in providing mediation services to settle disputes .Our independent, professionally trained mediator will help you resolve all types of disputes, such as: Family, Community, Workplace, Civil and Commercial.
At SCM, mediators come from diverse professional backgrounds, legal and non-legal and are accredited according to national standards.
Our mediators offer a skill set and an expert approach that helps both parties focus on the real issues of the dispute and assist them reach an amicable solution. 

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